About HP Kapital


HP Kapital is an international company with 100 years of funding and project experience, reflected by our personnel which encompasses Accountants, Auditors, Architects, Bankers, Doctors, Hoteliers, Legal Experts, Chartered Surveyors, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors. This allows us to provide our private and institutional clients an exemplary, unrivalled service befitting their status, allowing deals of significant net worth to be completed. Members of our team have arranged over £2.5 billion in mortgages and commercial funding in the UK and across world markets building on our burgeoning international ability.

Our team includes founder members of a number of start-up banks, which were sold for many billions of dollars. In addition to finance our team has been involved in the purchase and sale of over 10,000 housing units the world over.

From initial sourcing, acquisitions, sales, valuations, investments and development, all the facets in relation to residential and commercial units having been professionally undertaken. Our design team consists of some of the most high profile names in the industry. Stellar figureheads in this team include those working with the London Fire Brigade and The Shard London (the tallest building in the UK and possible Europe). Additional work also encompasses mansions and hotels in The Bishops Avenue, Barbados, St Tropaz Palace, and various sites in India. Our designers and architecture team have advised,designed, planned and carried to completion over 300 Hotels and Hospital projects worldwide. The latter 6 hotels notably achieved a 7­star rating for one group. Our hospital projects involve district, regional and teaching centres where our enviable clinical knowledge in healthcare has put in foundations for medical teaching as well as research and development units.