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International Development Funding

Same as in Local development financing but the generally no monies are advanced on the security of the land, although the whole project is taken as security along with either a Bank Guarantee (BG) in the case of a corporate or private sector Borrower or In the case of a Government Sector project, the Government issues a Sovereign Guarantee, which is endorsed by various ministries and the Central Bank as per the issuers Constitution. In these cases the lending is typically 100% of the overall project cast.


  • A health company building a hospital in the Caribbean, the land is purchased by the local partner and H P Kapital's director arranged $40,000,000 for the hospital build and $60,000,000 for the equipment to commissioning hospital.
  • Government wants to build 1000 houses, they issue Sovereign Guarantee to protect the investor to build the houses and than, the local banks, grant mortgages to members of the public to buy the houses, therefore releasing the Sovereign Guarantee.