Our Technology

Self-Sustainable Infrastructure

As fossil fuel emissions accelerate climate change, and natural disasters underscore the value of energy self-sufficiency, the case for renewable energies has never been stronger. Adoption is being driven as well by the integration of renewables during new all forms of construction, regulatory actions around carbon emissions and sustainability and new technology solutions.

HP Kapital delivers its concept of self-sustainable buildings, which guarantees to make huge savings in ENERGY, as they are BUILT as a ZERO BUILDING. Its own built-in Solar Energy, Geothermal Heat Exchangers Waste-to-Energy system, providing all the electricity required and keeps the building at a constant temperature both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Waste management by converting the Waste into energy, we provide a permanent supply of Gas for cooking and Fertiliser for the farmers AND MOST IMPORTANTLY REDUCING THE SUSTAINABILITY COSTS OF THE BUILDINGS. At present, HP Kapital is involved in building self-sustainable university hospitals and also housing projects around the world.