Our Key Services


HP Kapital's approach to healthcare planning and design is operationally led and information based, driven by its focus on patient functionality, and Site, each of which are key considerations in the creation of an appropriate and therapeutic environment.

HP Kapital's healthcare planners always carry out a needs-based assessment in conjunction with its clients to ensure the appropriateness of the healthcare facility to be designed and built. The well being of staff, patients, and their families is fundamental to the effective delivery of healthcare services.

With the full survay, as defined in a feasibility study, into a functional, safe, high quality and cost effective building design and building system, appropriate to local needs is a essential part of any project.

HP Kapital has the in-depth knowledge of medical and other healthcare services, building design, architecture, mechanical and Power provision but also a comprehensive understanding of how a hospital works on a day to day basis,through our network of experts.

HP Kapital brings these functions together and combines them with specific local requirements to ensure the hospital is suited to the environment in which it is constructed and delivers high quality healthcare delivery through cost effective low maintenance building solutions.