The HP Kapital Team


  • Nandishwar Kaushal


    Nandishwar has over 28 years of board level experience in many business sectors, from start-ups to companies with turnover in "Hundreds of Millions" to launching bank with turnover of billions, in sectors including housing, health care, Retail, manufacturing, banking / finance and asset management. Nandishwar was a founder member of a number of start-up banks, which were for many billions dollars. In addition to finance he has been involved in the purchase and sale of over 10,000 housing units the world over.
    He also specialises in:

    • Helping businesses in difficult situations writing working modules to business for expansion, and flotation on the stock exchange.
    • Providing both high st and private funding lines to both local and international clientèle.
    • Finance and property - commercial and residential.
    • Recently have specialised in funding hospitals and other health related projects
    • In the last 12 months have funded a number of commodity trades on behalf of several clients ranging from one off deals of $60 million to revolving credit lines from $10 million a month
    • Also funding a number of waste to energy projects

  • Navneet Sharma

    Managing Director India

    Navneet Sharma has a masters degree in political science from Punjab University. After completing his studies Navneet moved to the UK in the early 90’s. In the last 22 years he has gained experience and knowledge in the field of real estate. He has involved in many transactions in the space of acquisition, disposal and development of large purchase of land for housing and commercial projects.

    Navneet was an integral part of the management team of a highly successful property management company in the late 90’s. Navneet also has vast exposure to the international markets, especially in Asia and Africa. He has advised many of the top businessman and consultants in the property market.

    In 1997 Navneet started his own property management company. Navneet has experience in all aspects in the commercial and residential property market and bluechip commercial investments.

    Recently he has been actively involved with governments of countries in consulting them and executing with them projects in the space of healthcare. He is involved in projects such as building hospitals and bio-waste to energy generation plants.

    Navneet has a very energetic and charismatic personality with entrepreneur qualities filled to the hilt. He has a positive mindset with a never give up attitude on all the challengers he takes on.

  • Sylvain Ngassa

    Director - Fintech Services Africa

    Mr. Ngassa is an expert in capital markets finance, with over 25 years of experience in the international finance industry and Fintech.

    He graduated from the Sorbonne University, Paris VI in France, with a Post Graduate diploma in Mathematics, Probability and Finance. He started his career as a consultant and analyst in structured products at BNP Paribas and in 1997, moved to London to work as Director of Operations for a Fintech company and is still there today.

    Ingenious and passionate about financing mechanisms and new technologies and their impact on the financial markets and on the long-term financing of private and public companies, he never stops learning and training. He recently obtained with distinction the prestigious diploma of "Financial Time Non-Executive Director", a diploma that prepares executives to better support the board of directors of companies and organizations in their strategic decisions.

    He has led business development teams in strategic positions such as

    • Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa at FIS (the world's leading provider of technology solutions for stock exchanges, investment banks and fund managers - a Fortune 500 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange),
    • Sales Director at SmartStream (a British company specializing in capital market solutions), - Managing Director at Broadridge (a Fortune 500 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange)
    • Director at Smart Team Consulting and Smart Team Capital, a British company specializing in finding technical and financial partners for investments in private and public companies in Europe and Africa.

    These positions of responsibility have enabled him to understand how to run a company and above all how to adapt and thus stay at the forefront of the increasingly competitive financial markets.

    The qualities of leadership and personnel management acquired during his professional career have armed him to face the challenges of our time and especially push him to put this know-how at the service of HP Kapital, where he will spearhead the development of its Fintech and Financial services initiatives.

  • Jocelyne Ngassa

    Business Development Head of CFA Countries

    Jocelyne is an expert in International Finance, Marketing and Public Relations. As a consultant and trainer, Jocelyne has organized training sessions for organizations as diverse and varied as political parties, diplomatic missions, international organizations, multinationals, airlines, hotels and charities among so many others.

    A graduate of the American Business School in Paris (France) with a master's degree in business administration (Economics and International Finance), Jocelyne never stops learning and constantly seeks to improve. She thus brilliantly passed the CFA Exam (Chartered Financial Analyst Exam) - the most recognized and prized postgraduate diploma in the world of International Finance. This mark of excellence has enabled her to hold positions of responsibility in major international investment banks and other financial institutions in the City - Financial District of London – such as Head of Risk at F & C Asset Management and Director Europe Lehman Brothers Asset Management.

    Jocelyne is now dedicated to bringing financial and technical partners to implement projects in the 14 CFA countries in Africa.

  • Dr Kuldip Singh

    Dr Kuldip Singh is a renewable energy consultant. He holds a PhD degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a Master’s degree in Power Systems and a B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His area of research was in Isolated Hybrid Microgrids for rural electrification, alongside renewable energy sources.

    He is a chartered engineer, holding membership in both the Engineering Council and IET in the UK, as well as being an Electrical Chartered Engineer in India from the Institute of Engineering.

    He has more than 14 years of professional experience in advanced software products, undertaking grid-connected rooftop and ground-mounted projects, as well as preparing specialised reports such as feasibility analysis and detailed project reports, among others.

    He also has experience in the following.

    • Project Management
    • PVSyst Analysis
    • Financial Analysis and costing
    • Procurement
    • Preparing Documentation for Electrical Approvals and Project Planning
    • Preparing EPC agreements
    • Tenders
    • Preparing Power Purchase Agreements
    • Financial clearances

    Dr Kuldip also has experience in education, as he is a certified trainer providing training for solar proposal evaluation specialists from the Skill Council for Green Jobs. Under the SBI World Bank program for rooftop solar, he provides training for electrical utility engineers on rooftop solar policy.

    Alongside this, he is currently guiding PhD scholars in their project for the development of an advanced community-based hybrid microgrid.

    He has published more than 25 research publications in various reputable journals and holds a patent in power management control for microgrids.

    He has also worked in the renewable industry as both a technical consultant and as a guest professor in various universities.

  • Anthony C Bianchi FRICS

    Chartered Surveyor

    Following qualification Tony Bianchi gained his commercial property expertise with major central London property consultants culminating in a directorship with Sturgis of Park Lane in the early 1980s dealing with all aspects of commercial and residential property consultancy including projects in Mainland Europe and Russia. During this period Tony Bianchi also spent five years as a director of a private property investment and development company specialising in office and retail development in the south of England. Since establishing Bianchi chartered surveyors in 1994 Tony has continued to advise both private and corporate clients on a national basis and also brought the benefits of this deep professional experience to a strong local client base.

    Tony also holds a non-executive directorship with Tekram Properties Ltd advising on all aspects of their nationwide property portfolio giving him a unique insight into asset management on both sides of the boardroom table.

  • John Price

    Arcitect / Specialist in Hospital Designs

    John Price is Hunter Price’s Managing Director with over thirty five years’ experience of a broad range of building types in the UK, Middle East and Africa. These projects include multi-storey offices (new build and refurbishment), industrial buildings, warehousing, racing stables, stud farms, high quality housing, volume housing, NHS and private sector healthcare projects (new build and refurbishment), has been involved in originating over 60 hospital designs worldwide. He offers clients ways to achieve profitable project completion by focusing on understanding their businesses and aims to which he applies his commercial expertise and skill in the design and construction management processes.

  • Dr Isaac John

    Head of Health & Health Education

    Dr Isaac John is Deputy Director of Research and Development at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Hon Senior Lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London and has been lecturing on research enterprise and Molecular Genetics to MRes Students. Dr John is an experienced academic and management consultant with expertise in R&D and healthcare services.

    Dr John has very strong academic background and many years of teaching and research experience in molecular genetics at universities in the UK and USA. He has 15 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 2 book chapters and 3 patents with the University of Nottingham.

  • Nicolas Peace

    Head of Legal

    Senior Entrepreneurial business brain with an influential and extensive client’s l derived from more than 25 years as former senior partner of provincial private client solicitors practice. He has experience in residential and commercial conveyancer, having handled transaction valuing many £100,000,000, including £30 million turnover of a healthcare recruitment business, hotels in London and some prestigious London residential where each unit is worth over £10m.

    Nic,has reputation for building and retaining strong client relationships both private and commercial whilst directing a robust legal team. Results-oriented businessman with excellent track record for identifying opportunities for accelerated growth. Has held board positions for many large companies.

    Has recently been involved in the setting up of High Yielding Property fund, as founder director, which has now obtained FCA approval Is Currently holds directorships in a development company building 200 residential units in London’s Dockland area.

  • Sammy Addo

    Head of Commodities Division

    Sam has over 20 years of managerial experience in various financial and accounting roles and Internal Audit assignments, financial Analysis, and project management. Sam's first degree was in Accountancy and Economics and an MBA, in General Management.

    In addition Sam has a strong passion and commitment in fundraising, facilitating over millions of US Dollars to Project funding to Africa through his own sourced network of Private Investors. Originating and completing trade finance transactions across a spectrum of sectors in different countries in

    Has recently been involved in the setting up of High Yielding Property fund, as founder director, which has now obtained FCA approval Is Currently holds directorships in a development company building 200 residential units in London’s Dockland area.


    Country Head - Philippines

    Elizon is a chartered manager and a member of CMI UK with 25 years of experience in sales and marketing covering the real estate, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. He has supervised marketing strategies, strategic brand management, market intelligence and customer service management.

    Elizon has been a director on various projects promoting the Philippine real estate industry in EMEA with global brand partnerships including:

    He has taken part in various competitions for contracts and funding, pitching to a wide range of senior politicians and global business leaders.This has led to winning several contracts to provide seed funding for power projects and infrastructure development.

    • Trump Tower Philippines
    • Milano Residences by Versace Home
    • Century Spire by Armani Home
    • Acqua Livingstone by Missoni Home
    • Acqua Iguazu by Yo
    • Azure Urban Residences by Paris Hilton
    • Novotel Hotel Manila
    • The upcoming New Forbes Media Tower.

    He owns the brand Café De Barako, with a vision to promote home-grown beans and cacao in the Philippines in support of sustainable local farming. He is passionate to establish cooperation with various private companies towards sustainable development and renewables in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.

    Founded PHP Business Enterprise Europe Ltd and initiated a programme called “Change to Seeds” targeting British Asian communities and ethnic minorities.

    The programme encourages participation in:

    • Tackling climate change
    • alternative energy solutions
    • eco-farming and community development initiatives

  • Toyin Davidson-Ero

    Toyin is a highly skilled entrepreneur and chartered legal executive with a background in property litigation.

    She founded the Property Pillars Club, which is a successful London-based property club for professionals

    Toyin is also a property vlogger, investor, and writer, she has featured in over 150 property-related YouTube videos, providing educating and quality content to viewers

    She is a keen public speaker, having carried out speaking engagements with young entrepreneurs, women groups, and professionals.In her professional life, Toyin has represented landlords, banks, and housing associations on a wide range of litigation matters. She has previously consulted for various asset management and property investment organisations.

    Toyin oversees a team which advises clients on the best-yielding property development projects and manages the development, ensuring investor satisfaction along the way.

  • Rajnikant Pandya

    Operations Director Kenya

    Rajnikant Qualified as an Automotive Mechanical Engineer in 1976 from the Institute of Motor Industry. He then returned to Kenya, where he opened his Logistics Business, Car Garage and established an In-house Car Carrier Trailer Manufacturing and Parts unit. He grew the Logistics Business throughout East Africa namely in Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This was the first logistics company in East Africa to work with multinationals such as Toyota. The Group then expanded into the Construction business with its portfolio of Villas, Apartments and Commercial units for rent.

  • Poonam Shukla

    Director Interior Design India

    Graduated from DDU university (U.P.) in English & Social science. Masters in Fashion Design from FDDI Noida. Expertise and an extensive 10 years of experience in Project Sales & Marketing. Interior Designer specialising in Lighting aspects. Thorough understanding of Business Development, having handled many prestigious projects in Hospitality and exclusive high-end Real Estate projects.

  • Irma Aleshe

    An ardent, veteran professional with 20+ years of involvement and skills-set within the Elder Healthcare and Human Resources Management industries. Her byword is demonstrable efficacy, through utilising dynamic solutions, by merging and applying tools borne from sound knowledge, key resources, and experience. She is focused not to be entangled by challenges but to operate to affect and effect lasting solutions.