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The healthcare sector across the globe is changing, with trends rapidly following one another. Hospitals generate vast amounts of waste material, including food, paper and plastics, the majority of which is not recycled. As a building type, hospitals are also relatively heavy users of materials, energy and water. Not only does this heavy usage drive up the cost of construction for most hospitals, but it also results in increased operational expenses over the lifetime of the building, especially as the cost of natural resources continues to skyrocket.

Taking into consideration the above, our vision at HP Kapital is to deliver self-sustainable university hospitals around the world as research has also shown that a “green environment” aids the healing process. Healthier buildings lead to healthier patients and staff.

As seen in the "Our Team" section, we have a vast array of experts from many different industrial fields. This includes professionals who have experience dealing in the healthcare sector and through the National Health Service in the UK and we have the expertise in providing world-class health management solutions.

A Fully Self Sustainable Medical Hospital is a type of specialized medical facility/infrastructure targeted specifically towards providing sophisticated high-end medical services in a single location to people of all walks of life irrespective of financial status. With our current understanding of the proposed facility, we will deliver our concept, which will guarantee to make HUGE savings in ENERGY, as it will be built as a SUBZERO CARBON BUILDING. Having its own built-in Solar Energy, Geothermal Heat Exchangers, and Waste-to-Energy system, providing all the electricity required and keeping the building at a constant temperature, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With exceptional vision and leadership by architects, engineers and building owners, and with governmental support in each country, we are building a healthier and more sustainable world, not only for today but for tomorrow as well.