Our Key Services

Commercial Lending

We specialise in commercial lending; we provide commercial property finance using funding sourced from non-bank lenders. Our lenders don't apply the same screening techniques as banks; our clients have access to a range of products tailored specifically to their needs. We provide options to our clients that simply aren't available from mainstream lenders. Whilst we have access to funding from banks, we Also use non-bank and private lenders who specialise in lending and can accommodate those transactions that fall outside bank's narrow approvals.

We know commercial property loans can be affected by a broad spectrum of variables that require a client-specific solution to get the commercial loan approved. The lending environment within the commercial loan market is always tight, commercial lenders, sometimes require a robust Loan to Value (LTV), in compliance with their commercial credit policy.

We provide our clients access to commercial loans that match their commercial finance requirements. Our Lenders’ commercial mortgage product offerings range from straightforward commercial loans for both commercial property investors and owner occupiers to more highly leveraged structured commercial finance facilities as follows:

  • Commercial loans for purchase or refinance of all commercial property, industrial and retail Property
  • Commercial loans for owner-occupiers or investors for commercial assets
  • Commercial loans on a non-recourse basis, where no directors Personnel Guarantees are required and the only security offered is the commercial property
  • Structured commercial finance facilities where the LTV required exceeds current lending parameters and a structured commercial finance solution is required

We can offer the following commercial loan benefits:

  • Competitive finance interest rates across the entire commercial product range
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Structured solutions for all your commercial loan requirements
  • Flexible commercial property LTV's, and other commercial finance terms and conditions
  • Access to non-bank private commercial lenders
  • Flexible commercial loan servicing criteria
  • Access to commercial loans based on valuation as opposed to purchase price